Nos élèves sont désormais des habitués de leur lieu de stage. Les retours de leurs tuteurs sont unanimes : ils sont brillants, souriants, motivés et travailleurs. Certains patrons et collègues expriment leur souhait que nos élèves prolongent leur séjour, séduits par leur engagement et leur énergie. Une invitation implicite à tisser davantage de liens professionnels… Cerise sur le gâteau, certains élèves ont reçu des invitations chaleureuses pour célébrer Noël avec leurs collègues…

Kaina : on my work placement I love taking care of customer collections, I find it simple. I also like putting labels and prices on clothes, I find that simple too.

However, I don’t like storing and sorting clothes because I find it time-consuming.

There’s nothing difficult about my work placement.

Davina : What I like about my work placement is that the people over there are outgoing and very nice, helping customers and my colleagues. The only difficulty I had was that some old people have very hard accents and sometimes I had to make them repeat so that I can understand.

Manon : hello my name is Manon i am eighteen years old , i am french and i went to Irlande to do four weeks of work placement on sale and in reception, my work placement location is apple green on tralee, apple Greene is a Irish compagnie located nostly aloung Irish road , it is also pétrole station and also food courts and shops. There are about fourteen people in the compagny , my activities are thé shelving, facing and sometimes checkout and cleaning, thé frist week i felt like i was doing everything wrong and i was scared because i had never donne an work placement abroad, and I thinks that there is not much difference between what I do here and on sale in France, there are some differences like the price of gas oil, products that we do not sell in France and at the checkout there is only one ticket that comes out for the customer if they want it and there is no for the seller it is digitized,  compared to my internship in a service station in France at total.

Melissa K : I like my internship because I’ve never worked in a supermarket so it’s one more experience in English it’s even better, the customers are super pleasant as well as my colleagues on the other hand it’s a physical job that tires a lot I wouldn’t have imagined it

Ethan : What I like to do in my internship location know the product to sell to the client

The only problem in my internship I don’t always understand their English

Enzo : hey hi I’m Enzo I’m currently doing my internship at St Vincent’s Paul which is a charity store people drop off the clothes they no longer wear they are then sorted washed then put on the shelves. At the end of the year, with the money collected, they will offer Christmas meals to families who cannot afford it . 

Mariella : I like my internship because I learn new things, my English improves and I meet new people, very nice people, my colleagues are really nice to me. It’s a good experience to have.

Melissa D and Maureen :
We love our work experience because we get to work on each other, doing things like makeup nails and more,
We get to learn new techniques and know what people here in Ireland love more (how they prefer to look)…
We sadly don’t like when we can’t stay in the room to see UV related treatments but we understand that it’s for our safety because it can be dangerous for our healt.

Chloé : I like my internship because It’s an experience that not everyone can have, I’ve improved tremendously in English. It’s an experience that not everyone can have, I’ve improved a lot in English, I learned and saw new techniques. The weak point is that they don’t trust me enough to let me do more things, which is a shame .

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